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I'm a data-driven digital marketer with 11 years of experience delivering multi-faceted marketing campaigns for a number of non-profit organizations. From design to implementation, I'm passionate about reaching the right audiences with tailored messages that drive engagement and deliver impact.

Social Media

Email Campaigns l  Writing Samples


Reflections and articles detailing efforts from the malaria department at PSI.


A collection of five articles that discuss the importance of self-care.


The top reasons to register for a conference and connect with members.


Announcements, events, and updates about the Peace Corps community.

Website Design

NPCA _ Advocacy.jpg

NPCA Advocacy Microsite

Philanthropy CA Website Mock Up.jpg


Print Design


This four-page document doubles as a pocket folder and informational brochure.


Program book for an annual conference that includes sessions, ads, and sponsors.


A camera made up of more than 60 different fonts and the lyrics to the Beatles "Let It Be."


A fresh take on a resume design that shows my facts and creativity.


Ana is the true all-around expert on digital marketing. She is equally competent at email marketing, social media production, website management, and analytics that show how each of these tactics is achieving the desired business goal. Not only does she recommend excellent strategies to drive increased web traffic and lead capture, she constantly hones her tactics and templates to be increasingly effective. Ana is also a commensurate team player who unifies colleagues and direct reports around a goal, then moves projects forward with a high level of precision and professionalism.

—Christine Vargas

Former boss at PSI

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